Saturday, March 7, 2015

We Survived

First post on the new blog! Here is a project from my 1st term at Art Center called "We Survived."


Catherine, a mellow marine researcher is excelling as a lab assistant with high hopes for a bright future, but this has come at the cost of becoming a slave to her corporation and boss. This all changes when on a research dive she is confronted by a rare hallucinogenic creature after getting trapped in an ocean abyss. There she faces the frights of the deep sea and her own mind.

Character sketches of Catherine and The Creature:


  1. Good stuff man!
    It sucks that there arent any comments and I know the feeling of too much school work to put stuff up...
    But Im watching your progress!
    Currently at SVA and doing my own concept work cus SVA doesnt have much in terms of concept stuff but hopefully I can get in to ACCD or LCAD junior year.


    1. Thanks for the comment and watch!
      If you ever want any info about ACCD or LCAD let me know! I've been to both haha.